Proper Actions And Remedies For Controlling Heat And Discomfort

After a long tiring day during summer, everyone desires to relax and demands a calm environment; now, that environment can only be provided by coolers or AC. In the office, we primarily work by switching on the AC, so we feel very irritated or stuffed when we cannot get that in our home. Now we can only depend partially on these cooling machines as too much usage can lead to health hazards like cough and cold, joint pains, arthritis, etc.

Now There Are A Few Ways To Help You Feel Relaxed And Calm

  • Firstly, try to apply light colours in your room as it prevents house heating (บ้าน ร้อน, which is the term in Thai). As we studied in school, bold colors commonly attract heat, so people are seen to wear light clothes for comfort. Similarly, in our rooms also, light colour must be applied then will not feel that much heat.
  • Secondly, installing heatproof sheets can also help you get comfortable, and they try to maintain superb inside the rooms.
  • Thirdly, try to paint the house properly, which will give you a cooling effect by reflecting all the heat. So firstly, you have to apply the primer of any brand, then use a super shield material, and apply the gloss, which will look shiny and maintain the temperature.
  • Fourthly, it’s not that you only have to work on the walls. Exact floors are also necessary for controlling house heating. Marbles, granite, terracotta, and ceramic tiles are bad heat conductors, so they will help you maintain the temperature.

Now, you are too much into managing the temperature of your house and totally against these cooling machines. In that case, you can install a sun protection device at your home, which can cost you more, but it will give you a soothing effect, and you can also protect the environment from the harmful gas the air conditioner has emitted. Now, if your house has cross ventilation, you will feel comfortable in the evening.

So we have seen the causes of house heating as many don’t have cross ventilation, no heat proof resistant sheet and also applied bright colours in their walls. Standard tiles will not work; you only have to use heat-resistant ones. So if you are planning to build a house, take proper measures to control the heat so that you do not feel infuriated heat.