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What do you Need to Know Before Building a Data Centre?

Today, cloud computing is on the rise. Almost every other meeting has moved online over the past few years. The processes like storage, collaboration, document, and sharing apps have become extremely important for almost every business and organization. People are working and learning from home. Even their modes of entertainment have shifted indoors. This has raised the amount of data that is being produced. This data that is produced needs to be processed and stored properly. Hence, one will find a series of data centres popping out everywhere. However, the construction of data centres requires precise specifications to be met accurately.  So, here’s everything you need to know before constructing one. 

It must be built for machines

Data centres are ideally built to cater to larger machines. This is also what makes them simpler. The servers will need rack space. But they are not designed to cater to high-foot traffic. The entry of extra natural light is also not needed in the data centres. They require constant uptime, and maintaining them at 99.999% is crucial. A minute or second lost can lead to the loss of billions of revenues and transactions. This means that the centre should have a constant backup of the power supply. The electrical circuits are what can make it complex, but an adept architect can make things simpler.

Cooling is also integral

One of the biggest challenges that data centre architects face is to keep it optimally cool. Servers liberate a lot of heat; hence, one needs to have a higher cooling capacity inside the data centre. This will help to keep the sensitive electrical components in a working position and increase their longevity. Certain types of cooling systems need to be incorporated into the design, like chilled water systems, pumped refrigerants, indirect air evaporation, and free cooling techniques.

They are mini fortresses

Physical security is a big concern for data centres. The massive amount of fairly sensitive data being stored in the servers can be easy targets for attacks and thefts. Depending on your data centre type, the security measures must be hard. There should be fences, reinforced doors and bollards, which will be strategically placed.

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