Buy KamadoSpace Infinite XL Island from BBQs 2u at a Discounted Price

When all Brits are enjoying the food festival in Edinburgh some are enjoying backyard barbecue parties with their families. Barbecue will always be a special moment for Britons. This tradition will carry on for ages, therefore they must have the best quality barbecue grillers to smoke for ages.

Brits know that BBQs 2u is the best and leading barbecue retailer in the UK and all the items that they sell are of top quality and from renowned brands. They are known for their fast delivery and efficient customer service. All their loyal customers are happy with their products to date, and if they need accessories like charcoal or wood crumps, they know where to search for them.

BBQs 2u not only deals in grillers, and ovens, but it also keeps accessories like covers, trays, charcoal, gloves, etc. making it easier for their customers to approach them at any point in time instead of hunting different stores.

They keep brands Kamado, Napoleon, Ooni Pizza Ovens, and Masterbuilt. The Kamado is a big hit among customers, especially the KamadoSpace Infinite XL Island.

The KamadoSapce Infinite XL outdoor cooking islands are manufactured from the highest-quality, stainless, and galvanised steel components. Front panels for this range, the “Infinate,” are constructed of HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), a material that is particularly weather resistant and easy to clean.

  • HPL panels are resistant to heat, cold, and UV light and provide shelter from extreme weather.
  • HPL doesn’t require any maintenance, unlike solid wood. It is resistant to abrasion, impact, and scratch.
  • All metal parts are either stainless steel or galvanised and powder-coated steel to protect against dents, bleaching, heat, frost, corrosion, and other weather influences.
  • The worktop is also made of stainless steel that has been meticulously polished, is resistant to acids, and heat, and is simple to clean and maintain.
  • The worktop is built of meticulously polished, heat-resistant, acid-proof stainless steel that is also simple to clean and maintain.
  • The table features four drawers with proper space for accessories like a pizza stone, deflector, grate, or baking tray.

Another important product that BBQs 2u is famous for selling is Ooni Pizza ovens.

Ooni Pizza Ovens

The main Ooni pizza oven was introduced in November 2012. By using wood pellets as fuel, the Ooni was the first portable wood-fired oven ever created, and several of them are still in use today. Even though some Ooni models now use gas. In less than ten years, it became a massive international brand with a variety of pizza ovens and accessories. Their Koda models 12 and 16 are famous among Britons. By purchasing from BBQs 2u customers can also avail the Ooni Pizza Oven Sale offer and bundle discounts.

It is needless to say that BBQs 2u is the most friendly and trustworthy retailer in the UK. They are known for their loyalty. The business owner is passionate about grilling and smoking and thus wants to keep this tradition alive among burgers and French fry lovers. Therefore, they keep introducing various contests on their social media pages. Many customers have also won kamado Joe and other products during the contest. Check their Twitter account to stay updated with the latest news, deals, and offers.