Features To Look For In An Astrologer Application

Horoscope and astrology are the terms used to describe the art and science of foretelling the future using planetary positions and zodiac signs. Although future-telling practices and online consulting apps are now a part of our present life, technology will continue to transform our future. Using the best astrologer app on your smartphone, you may get predictions from an expert. Nowadays, the potential for astrological apps is enormous.

What is an Astrological App?

Astrological apps are a form of online consultation software that provides consultations and advice to users based on their planetary situations. Astrology, palmistry, and other methods of divination are used to give the users advice and guidance. Mostly, these apps need the user to provide basic information before matching it with an astrologer.

Essential Features for an Astrologer Application

To create an astrological application. There are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. The Basic Ones

Here are the essential features needed to develop an astrological app.

  • Horoscope report

As the planets are currently influencing the individual horoscope, this report provides a forecast and general statements about the person’s life.

  • Daily horoscope

This is a future prediction or daily report based on the planets’ movements and zodiac signs.

  • Weekly horoscope

The weekly future forecasts are based on the positions of the planets and stars in the forthcoming week.

  • Monthly horoscope

When forecasts are based on upcoming planet placements relative to a person’s zodiac sign, you’ll learn about what’s likely to happen in the coming month.

  • The Yearly Horoscope

Planetary placements and alignments are calculated using this method by an astrologer. That’s how he comes up with his predictions for what will happen in the year ahead.

  • Love Horoscope

This report gives the user love life predictions based on planetary placements. In these reports, you can verify compatibility by providing your partner’s birth date or sun sign and get relationship forecasts.

  • Money horoscope

This program provides information on a person’s financial situation and career or business opportunities. Planetary locations have been taken into account to make these forecasts.

  • Daily horoscope tips and predictions

This program predicts the future and suggests avoiding or hastening certain events.

  1. The Advanced Ones

Let’s look at a few additional features that make this app stand out.

  • Notifications based on AI horoscope

In this, chatbots send customized messages hourly, weekly, daily, or monthly per user request. They inform them of the latest forecasts and predictions.

  • Personalized readings

You can speak with your astrologer about your life, love, job, health, and other concerns that can all be addressed in the readings. According to your app’s features, it might be done by phone, text, or video call.

  • Astrology-based dating

This feature allows you to find the most suitable match by comparing your birth date to your partner’s. Once the user connects with an expert, they can use this connection to move forward in a positive direction with them.

Functionality Features to Make Astrology App

Below are some significant app features:

  • Easy Signup

Users can enter their email address, mobile number, or social network account information to log in. Once logged in, individuals can use the application with one tap unless they don’t log out. Users and specialists who want to register should have access to this feature.

  • Live session

The app’s goal is to make it easier for users to converse at the moment. Users should be able to communicate with an astrologer via voice, text, or video calls in the app, if available. Users can also call or chat with groups.

  • Upload and Download of Media

Allows users to upload their birth data or Kundli to get astrological forecasts. The Kundli should also be able to be uploaded and downloaded if the expert makes it. To make the system more user-friendly, image sharing should be included.

  • Scheduling an Appointment

This app should have a calendar and various time slots. This means that both the user and the service provider must share the available slots. They should reserve the most convenient time for their readings.

  • Calendar of the Celestial Bodies

An astrologer can utilize this built-in feature to calculate and determine a person’s birth chart. An astrologer can predict the future based on a person’s natal chart.


A fantastic approach for spreading awareness and wisdom in your life is through astrology. Stars and moons can tell us things we refer to as fortune-telling. Making astrology applications isn’t a traditional way of doing things, but it’s brilliant. We recommend going with the best astrologer app development business because they’ll know which app has a low marketplace and the business has a lot of growth potential.