Feature of terrazzo flooring Dubai

The main feature of Terrazzo Flooringg in Dubai is its ability to withstand heavy traffic, which makes it an ideal choice for commercial establishments, restaurants, and hotels. It also comes in different colors and patterns to meet your needs. Terrazzo flooring in Dubai has become a major trend in the design of houses, especially for those who are fond of modern and contemporary styles

Terrazzo flooring  is the most popular choice for the retail and commercial sectors. It is available in many variations including hot-pressed, cold-rolled, and cold-rolled with a brushed finish, polished, and colored. The prices of terrazzo flooring in Dubai start from around $200 per square meter to $1,200 per square meter depending on the type of material used. Terrazzo flooring is an advanced combination of marble and concrete that has been used in construction projects for over 100 years. The mixture of these two materials creates a beautiful flooring surface that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Installation in terrazzo flooring Dubai

The main advantage of terrazzo flooring in Dubai is that it will not fade or wear out over time as traditional wooden floors do. This means that you will have a much longer lifespan than you would if you were using wooden floors in your home or business premises.

Terrazzo flooring in Dubai can be easily installed on any surface such as concrete or wood. Terrazzo flooring in Dubai is made up of three layers – cementitious layer, grouting layer, and finishing layer. The cementitious layer is made up of fine aggregate that acts as mortar and holds the other two layers together. The grouting layer consists of special materials like sand, cement, or lime used to fill in gaps between the stones so that they do not move while walking on them. The final layer is made up of colored sand which gives it a beautiful appearance.

Another great thing about terrazzo flooring in Dubai is that it does not require any maintenance at all once installed so there are no worries about having to constantly vacuum or sweep up dirt or debris from time to time when using traditional wooden floors

Material of Terrazzo flooring Dubai

Terrazzo flooring Dubai is an Italian marble that has been used for centuries as a flooring material. It is made from a mixture of cement and crushed volcanic rocks that are quarried in Italy. Terrazzo is available in different colors and patterns and can be installed on any surface. It is commonly used in commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, offices, and shopping centers.

There are many types of terrazzo flooring in Dubai including polished and unpolished, natural stone, and laminate. Natural stone terrazzo has the look of natural stone without the cost of installing it yourself; however, it does require more maintenance than vinyl or wood floors because it will eventually wear down with use over time. Laminate terrazzo is similar to real wood but with a plastic finish that gives off a warmer glow than vinyl or ceramic tile; however, it can pick up stains easily so you may need to clean it regularly with a damp cloth or mop.