How Big Should My Shade Sail Be?

Shade sails can be a perfect addition to a patio or a backyard as they can transform these spaces into your summertime getaway where you can spend some precious moments alone or with your friends and family. You can also invest in commercial-grade sun sail shades to beautify your commercial spaces and have the much-needed shade on hot summer days. Today, shade sails come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and it is important to order the right one for your needs. If you are confused about what shade sail size would be appropriate for your outdoor space, here is a complete guide to help you decide how big a shade sail you should buy.

What’s The Ideal Sail Shade Size For Your Outdoor Space?

The key factor in deciding the right shade sail size for you is the space you want to cover. Most of the time, you choose to cover a patio, deck, or other open seating areas with a shade sail. When you have decided on the location, figure out the attachment points like trees, posts, or some other solid structure where you’ll attach the sail.

After finding and marking the attachment points, you should next try to figure out the shade sail size that will work best for your space. When ordering commercial-grade sun sail shades, make sure you buy something slightly smaller compared to the area that has to be covered. It helps ensure the sail doesn’t blow around in windy conditions, and any structural damage to its attachment points can be prevented.

Pulling the shade sail taut is also important by stretching it as much as possible. Keeping that in mind, your shade sail must be smaller than the area it has to cover.

Taking The Measurements For An Appropriately Sized Shade Sail

As you anchor your shade sail, you must place a tension source between the stainless steel ring at the corner of the shade sail and your anchor point. It will make the shade sail taut.

This tension source needs to be at least 1ft in size. Keeping the shade closer to the wall or pole will ensure it remains stable. Therefore, it is recommended that the sail be secured not more than 3ft from its anchoring point. It means you need to add around 2ft to 6ft space for the anchoring systems on each side of the shade sail.

The area you have to cover with the shade sail should be 2ft larger than your shade sail size. For instance, you can install a shade sail with 13x13ft dimensions in the areas with the following dimensions:

  • Minimum 15x15ft area = (13ft sail + 1ft + 1ft for the anchoring systems) x (13ft sail + 1ft + 1ft for the anchoring systems)
  • Maximum 19x19ft area = (13ft sail + 3ft + 3ft for the anchoring systems) x (13ft sail + 3ft + 3ft for the anchoring systems)

If the area is too small, it leaves very little space behind for the attachment accessory. On the contrary, if the area is too big, the sail won’t remain stable when a strong wind blows.

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