Best Way to Prevent and Treat Hammertoe

You have chances of having a hammer toe when the joint of one of your toes is pointing upwards and not lying flat. It usually happens with the toe that comes after the big toe or the tiny toe. This condition is a deformity that takes place when one of the muscles in the toe gets weak and puts pressure on the tendons and joints of the toe.

The pressure tends to change the shape and makes the joints stick up. The deformed toe frequently gets callus or corn on the top of it. This growth can get hammer toe pain when they get in contact with the shoe.

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The term hammertoe is used commonly to classify any kind of condition that is related to weakening muscles, digital contracture, and results of deformity. Any digital contracture like this can be a hammertoe, mallet toe, or claw toe, it all depends on the contracted joint of the toe.

The reasons for hammer toe are many and they are –

  • The genes that you inherit from your parents.
  • The different fashionable shoes you use.
  • Any kind of diseases like diabetes and neuromuscular diseases.

Prevention and treatment for hammertoe:

According to certain surgeons, the best way to get rid of a hammertoe is to get a surgery done and fix the toe permanently. These simple steps can fix the toe and make your foot fit well in the shoe. It also makes your foot look more attractive than before.

However, there are also ways to fix your toes other than a surgery like:

  • Wear sensible shoes – if you want to avoid surgery you can try using non medicated padding with your shoe, it is made with a deeper and wider toe box, which supports the shape of your foot well. Make sure that your shoe has good arch support to slow down the progression of any condition.
  • Try and get a pumice stone – when you wear your shoe you can have discomfort because of the callus or corn that is on the top of the hammertoe. You can treat the corn with the help of a pumice stone or file. It helps in reducing the size after taking a warm shower after this apply emollient and keep the spot pliable and soft.
  • Practice foot exercise – exercise will help you to keep the muscle strong and supple. Exercise like curling the toe, extending, slaying them, and moving it individually can prevent the digital contracture that leads to hammer toes.

Get your feet checked even when there are no issues with it. Prevention is always better than treatment.