Botox For Excessive Sweating How Does It Work

Sweating is very common and necessary for each one of us. Sweating regulates our body temperature, helps clear the body of heavy metals, increases circulation throughout the body, eliminates excessive salt, and has many more benefits. 

However, some people suffer from what is known as Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating. It can affect one’s lifestyle and happiness. Excessive sweating might either be limited to one part of the body or can affect several areas of the body. Some of the common areas often affected by excessive sweating are the underarms, scalp, hands, feet, and groin area. Dermatologists are now increasingly recommending Botox as an effective treatment. How does botox help?


Botox is a drug prepared from botulin and is used to treat several issues, both medical and cosmetic. Some people and dermatologists have reported it to be quite effective in reducing excessive sweating. 

How does botox help?

The FDA has approved Botox injection to treat excessive underarm sweating. So how does it work? Botox helps block a chemical that is responsible for activating the sweat glands. According to reports, botox is quite helpful for treating excessive sweating in the underarms.

When can you start seeing the results?

Botox is not a permanent solution. It is said that the effect lasts for 4-12 months. One can start seeing the results in 2-4 days after the Botox treatment for the underarm. 

Is Botox treatment expensive?

Botox injections cost approximately $1000 for the treatment of both underarms. In addition, one must repeat the treatment in the prescribed intervals, mostly 7-16 months. Therefore, the cost increases, and it adds up to your expenses every few months.  

So what if you have excessive sweating in other parts of the body? 

The other parts where people commonly experience excessive sweating include hands, feet, back, head, face, chest, and under the breasts, groin, and nose. The FDA has approved Botox injections for underarm use only, but the doctor can prescribe the treatment. So make sure you find a specialist to treat sweating, especially for hands, feet, or face. They are very sensitive and can lead to side effects. 

Tips for botox treatment

Once you consult the doctor and decide to take the treatment, it would be helpful if you give the details about your medical condition, allergies, past treatments, and other necessary information. Since some people may develop side effects or the body might act differently, explaining your medical conditions will help massively in reducing side effects and complications. 

  • Avoid wine and foods made of garlic. Sometimes you may get side effects like bruising. If you stop consuming wine and garlic from a week before the treatment to a few days after, you could reduce the chances of bruising issues.  
  • Avoid exercise for a few days after the treatment. 
  • Do not take hot baths or showers on the day of the treatment. Though avoiding it post-treatment is the only mandatory thing. It is best to avoid it both before and after receiving the injection. 
  • If you have any side effects, feel free to contact the doctor immediately and get it checked.