Chin Augmentation – Everything You Need To Know

A chin determines the face shape and changes your entire look. Many times, when a chin looks small a person’s face shape will change. The best chin surgery clinic (คลีนิค เสริม คาง, which is the term in Thai) will help you rectify your face’s shape. Let us see how to enhance your skin’s shape in this blog.

What Is A Chin Augmentation?

A chin augmentation will provide balancing features. 

There are different chin augmentation types. They are mentoplasty and genioplasty. 

Mentoplasty will help you enhance and reshape your chin. Doctors will help you reduce chin swelling with the compressed garment. Every person who does chin augmentation should eat light and liquid-based food for a few days.

What Is Genioplasty?

A Genioplasty is the opposite of mentoplasty. In this surgery, a doctor will correct the enhancing chin and change the position of your face. Genioplasty is one of the right surgeries for people who have put on some flesh. Genioplasty will improve skin contours and involves implantation.

How To Correct The Shape Of Your Chin?

A plastic surgery procedure enhances facial aesthetics. In plastic surgery procedures, patients should look for correct recessed skin and remove extra swelling. Chin augmentation surgeries will alter under-lying skin.

What Are The Types Of Skin Augmentation?

There are two types of skin augmentation that will correct both inner wounds and outer wounds. They are,

  • Chin Augmentation External Wound
  • Chin Augmentation Incision

What Is Chin Augmentation External Wound?

Chin augmentation of the external wound will help you enhance skin shape. A chin surgery clinic is beneficial for clearing wounds and rectifying jaw bones. Jawbones play a vital role in changing the chin’s entire shape. 

A skin surgeon will create space for a chin implant and fit it around the chin bone. A chin augmentation external wound should rectify the face’s shape without hampering the chin bone’s structure.

Chin Augmentation Incision

A chin augmentation incision is where the skin surgeons will create a small augmentation inside the mouth. At times, the chin augmentation incision will also be underneath the chin.

A patient will feel numbness for a few days after the chin augmentation incision. Nevertheless, the swelling will last only for six weeks. Skin surgeons always recommend a soft diet after the augmentation incision surgery.

Bottom Line

Do you think you should change your chin’s shape to get a slender chin? It is significant to consult the best chin surgeon and identify a skin surgery clinic for the best chin augmentation.